Industry Interaction

"A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month's study of books."

Employability is about much more than just getting one’s first job – it’s about having a positive self-image and presenting oneself successfully throughout the life and career. The skills, knowledge and personal attributes and the ability to convey them effectively all contribute to one’s employability.

Office of Corporate Relations [OCR] interface between students, faculty, and the corporate world to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing the industry experiences, understanding industry needs and providing the required support to the corporate world. MFS emphasizes on holistic knowledge and growth of students in all spheres of today's fast paced world. The objective is to help MFS Students to interact with the employees from various organizations & learn from them the real work scenario; experiencing from the experienced. Our aim is to utilize the skills, knowledge and experience of the industry professionals to develop the key employability skills in the students and make them prepared for the work world. The sessions also aid the transition from students/graduates to successful employees.

To nurture the entrepreneurship skills required to become a successful entrepreneur, MFS also arranges entrepreneurship enrichment interactions by successful entrepreneurs, each of whom is an icon in his own right field.

Intellectually stimulating interactions from the Doyens of the industry, will make the students highly employable & the support held out by MFS for this extends beyond the classrooms. At the end of an academic year, our students will be ready to hit the ground running and embark on their exciting and rewarding careers.